An interaction between myosin-10 and the cell cycle regulator Wee1 links spindle dynamics to mitotic progression in epithelia

Previous work by Sarah Woolner showed that depletion of myosin-10, an unconvential myosin, results in deranged spindle morphology and motility (see pdf). Josh Sandquist and Matt Larson followed up on this finding and identified Wee1, a conserved inhibitor of Cdk1, as a binding partner for myosin-10. Surprisingly, they found that Myo-10 perturbations delayed anaphase onset in a Wee1-dependent manner, that perturbing Myo-10 increased Wee1’s inhibitory activity towards Cdk1, and that inhibited Cdk1 concentrated at cell-cell junctions. Together these results suggest a model in which an interaction between Myo-10 and Wee1 link anaphase onset with the stereotypical spindle dance described by Matt previously. For more details read the whole paper here: pdf